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About ID Hole

      ID Hole is a convenient, safe, secure, and simple way to remember all of your usernames, passwords, account numbers, and important dates. ID Hole is an innovative and highly convenient website that provides all types of users, such as businesses, organizations, professionals, students, and all others who frequently utilize the internet with the opportunity to save personal and/or business information. This information can be, but is not limited to, account numbers, usernames, passwords, and other identification information for online accounts and other personal and/or business accounts. This information is highly encoded and encrypted.

     Unlike most websites, ID Hole.com provides users with both a password and the encryption key to access it, but make sure you remember the encryption key. If you do not, you will lose access to your account permanently. ID Hole does not have access to your encryption key, only you do! The encryption key unlocks all of your account information. Therefore, if you forget it, you will only have the option of creating a new account. No one, including us, can access it. Links to websites where users have accounts and contact information can be included for added convenience. All you need to remember is one password, username and encryption key to access all of your account information!

ID Hole. Your personal cyber identity.
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